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Establishment of the company

Al-Waha Import, Export and Trade is one of the most promising companies in the Egyptian market in the world of pesticides, agricultural and fungal pests, fertilizers, growth regulators and fertilizers. It was founded in 2000 on roots with fifteen years of experience in the field of agriculture, prevention, control and plant nutrition on the latest scientific methods followed globally. Our motto: Together, we promote abundant production, high quality, and a healthy and safe product

Our vision is to advance the Egyptian farms and reach the highest levels of production quality, both quantitatively and qualitatively, in order to reach a healthy and safe society for humans and the environment through:

Follow up on our customers through a team work through agricultural engineers and experts in the fields of nutrition, control and prevention, and field follow-up with our farmers to raise awareness and guide the most important technical aspects in implementing nutrition, control and prevention programs to reach the highest standards of quality and production rates at an economic cost.

Providing products that conform to international quality standards and are safe for the environment and human beings. We select them carefully in our belief in the importance of their use and the Egyptian market’s need for them.

Promoting our customers farmers and agriculture in Egypt to a level that competes with the global market, with the benefit of our customers in the Delta, Upper Egypt, West and East of the country, who placed their trust in our products and on our country with abundant good.